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Academic Audit 2022-23

Academic Audit 2022-23

A. Institute Information: (click here)

B. Details of Academic Programmes:

  1. a. Academic Programmes: (click here)
  2. b. Programme-wise list of faculty for the assessment year (to be uploaded under mandatory disclosures). (click here)
  3. c. Programme-wise Class-wise Time Table for the assessment year (to be uploaded under mandatory disclosures). (click here)

1. Status of Accreditation

  1. a. Applicability of Accreditation: Applied for and is in process
  2. b. Status of Accreditation : SSR pre-qualified Approved by NAAC (click here)

2. Status of Teacher's Availability

  1. a. Total No. of Students : 1938 / 3620 (click here)
  2. b. Number of Regular* Teachers : 158 (click here)

3. Quality of Teachers and Teaching

  1. a. No. of teachers with Ph. D.: 55 (click here)
  2. b. No. of publications in WoS/SCOPUS/UGC-CARE (Category-I) listed journals in the assessment year (click here)
  3. c. No. of publications in UGC-CARE (Category-II) listed journals in the assessment year (click here)
  4. d. No. of publications in any referred journal other than the above (with ISSN No.) in the assessment year (click here)
  5. e. No. of publications in conferences in the assessment year (Indexed by UGC-CARE (Category-II)) (click here)
  6. f. No. of Books / Edited Books / Book Chapters published (click here)
  7. g. Course/teaching plan with details of number of lectures on each unit of curriculum, in the assessment year (click here)
  8. h. No. of courses on Learning Management System (LMS)
  9. i. Classrooms available with mounted projectors and ICT facilities (Geo tagged photos should be uploaded and available under mandatory disclosures) Percentage of teachers using ICT for teaching (having PPTs, Videos, etc.) (click here)
  10. j. Percentage of teachers using ICT for teaching (having PPTs, Videos, etc.)

4. Institutional Support for Faculty Development

  1. a. Documentary evidence of awards like best teacher/best research etc (click here)
  2. a. Documentary evidence of mechanism for grant of study leave to teachers with full pay for faculty to pursue higher study at other institutions. (click here)
  3. b. Documentary evidence of grant of funds to teachers to attend conferences, or seminars, or FDP, or workshops, etc. including registration fee, TA/DA, and grant of special casual leave or duty leave for this purpose (click here)
  4. c. Individual computing facilities provided to teachers (click here)
  5. d. Internet facility (to every teacher) (click here)

5. Framework for Students’ Grievance Redressal Mechanism

  1. a. Availability of Students’ Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC) and complies with UGC’s Regulations 2012 (click here)
  2. b. Whether the Grievance Redressal Committee has elected students representative (click here)
  3. c. Whether meticulous and verifiable documentations of the proceedings of Students’ Grievance Redressal Committee is maintained (click here)
  4. d. Availability of Psychiatrist, Psychologist and professional students counsellors (click here)
  5. e. Whether the institute has published/notified prominently the details of SGRC on website and admission prospectus (click here)
  6. f. Whether students are satisfied with the effectiveness of the SGRC (click here)
  7. g. Whether reports of the proceedings of SGRC is sent to the University every semester (click here)

6. Institutional Support for University Examinations (during the Assessment Year)

  1. a. Percentage of faculty participation in university examinations as evaluators / university representatives

7. Status of Library (a) Books (b) Journals all departments (click here)

8. Status of Laboratories

  1. a. Status of Laboratories other than Computer Lab (as required by statutory body) (click here)
  2. b. Status of Computer Labs (UG: 1 per 6 students across all years; PG: 1 per 3 students across all years)
    1. a. Total Number of computers available in labs (click here)
    2. b. Total number of available licensed software required as per course curriculum (as required by statutory body) (click here)
    3. c. Quality of Internet connectivity

9. Co-Curricular Activities Conducted by the Institution (Assessment Year)

  1. a. Conferences Organized (click here)
  2. b. Seminars Organized (02 Half Day Seminars may be considered as One Full Day Seminar)
  3. c. Faculty / Management Development Programme Organized (of at least one week/5days duration)
  4. d. Workshops Organized
  5. e. Short Term / Value Added Programmes Conducted
  6. f. Webinars / Online Extension Lectures Conducted

10. Publications of the Institutions

  1. a. Publication of Journal(s) (click here)
  2. b. Publication of Newsletters and Magazines

11. Students’ Personality Development Activities

  1. a. Activities like
    • mock interview
    • role play
    • group discussions
    • quizzes
    • workshops
    • competitions
  2. b. Personality development
    • Personality development labs
    • Provisions for trained faculty to conduct practical sessions and existence of qualified student counsellors
  3. c. Sports facilities in the Institutions

12. Status of Placement

  1. BBA (click here)
  2. B.Tech (click here)
  3. B.ED (click here)
  4. BCA (click here)
  5. BAJMC (click here)
  6. B.COM (click here)
  7. LAW (click here)

13. General Parameters about the Institution

  1. a. Individual seating arrangements for faculty with suitable furniture (click here)
  2. b. Common rooms for girls (separate) (click here)
  3. c. Cleanliness of toilets (click here)
  4. d. Students’ canteen and drinking water arrangements (click here)

14. Other Facilities Available in the Institute (Based on Feedback)

  1. a. Feedback from the Faculty/Employers (click here)
  2. b. Feedback from the Students/Alumni (click here)