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Rank 9th by Times B school,BBA Edition, for Top Emerging BBA Institutes-Placement, Rank 6th by Times B school,BBA Edition, for Top Emerging BBA Institutes, Rank 19th of Top BBA colleges in India by GHRDC BBA colleges surevey2021, Rank 9th in the Northern Region by GHRDC BBA colleges surevey2021.



A well-stocked library covering all Engineering subjects provides the right ambience for students to study and to improve their comprehensive power. The library provides the latest edition of books of different authors and journals/magazines for all Engineering subjects. It is having computerized issue and receipt facility and internet link to other prominent library systems.In addition, reference books and newspapers are also available for students to scan the environment and to improve their general awareness.Various E-resources are DELNET,J-GATE,IEEE,IJOY,Publishing India,Manupatra(law).All students and faculty members are entitled for membership of the Library.

Here we have provided the link of Centralized Digital Library, which will helpful to our students to read quality of books to improvement the knowledge in different areas. Below link has been given: E-Learning Portal: