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IOSD - International Organization of Software Developers

IOSD is well established internationally and it's one of the JIMS-CSE student chapter. IOSD JIMS-CSE is the largest technical society of JIMS-CSE with 260 members registered in JIMS-CSE. Students are taught various languages and technologies like C++, Java, Android Development, Web Dev., Machine Learning, Designing etc. and much more. JIMS-CSE IOSD will be organized events soon. The events will be included hackathon, designing competition, coding competition, and a workshop. It was like a platform for all the tech geeks to showcase their talent and win prizes, goodies and other opportunities like internship, projects etc.

JIMS-CSE IOSD focuses on implementing the knowledge and skills which they taught to students. Students are working on winter projects in Dec-Jan and are working on summer projects in June-Aug 2020 as well.


#HASHTAG is the official technical society of JIMS-CSE. Founded in 2019, #HASHTAG aims to nurture talents and provide training to students who have a keen interest in Computer Science & Engineering.