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Event Report

BYTECODE, BCA Technical society, conducted a two day event named as Techathon2.0 on Feb13-14, 2020. BCA 1st, 2nd & 3rd year students participated in the various events conducted during these two days. The inaugural session started at 9:30 am on Feb 13, 2020 with a brief introduction about Techathon2.0 by Dr. Ruchi Agarwal, HOD-BCA department. A variety of general events like Gamers’ War, AD-Mania, Picture Perfect, Talk Rocks, Tech Drill, Tech Log, Technovation, Code UP were organized at various venues in the campus.

Day 1 Events

Code-Up, this was entirely a programming contest which comprised of languages like C and Data structures.

Technovation, this event will focus on the pressing challenges that our societies have spent a long time attempting to tackle. It is an event that reinforces the image of India in the areas of TECHNOLOGY and R & D and projects them on a regional, national and international scale. Tech Drill, this event is basically about testing each participant’s technical awareness and knowledge.

Tech Drill, this event is basically about testing each participant’s technical awareness and knowledge.

AD-Mania, The activity aimed at helping the students to learn the art of enacting an advertisement and acquainting themselves with the promotional strategies used in marketing a specific product. The students participated with a lot of enthusiasm. The competition helped the students enhance their skills in expressions, voice modulation and dialogue delivery. Most of the students came up with unique ideas and well-written scripts of the advertisements. It was an excellent learning experience.

Day 2 Events

Gamer’s War, this event includes LAN gaming in which PUBG mobile will be played in the college. PUBG Mobile has gathered a wide audience and players all over the globe, thus adding this event to our Techathon 2.0 will help to refresh our minds and enjoy sometime.

Picture Perfect, This event will focus into unforgettable memories with striking photos enhanced and edited by our event photo editing.

TALK-ROCK, is basically a debate type competition; the debate is mainly based on the technical topics. It is a debate competition that allows participants to come with their thoughts or viewpoints to convince the audience and judges. In the context of a classroom, the topic for debate will be guided by the knowledge, skill, and value outcomes in the curriculum. Decision would be taken on the behalf of the arguments

Blog writing is a way of expecting your views and thoughts on a particular issue or topic. Blogs need frequent update in everything. It promotes perfect reader engagement. Blogs are trending in every field.

The winners and runners up of the events were presented with merit certificates and prizes. It was a great success with overwhelming students participation.

Total number of students: 72 (M) 56 (F) 16

Name of Students Coordinators

Enrollment No Name Enrollment No Name
02525502019 Anay Dev Thakur 40825502018 Rahul Chandna
01025502017 Kartik Bhardwaj 00525502017 Bhoomika Behl
00525502017 Bhooomika Behl 01025502017 Kartik Bhardwaj