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MOU between JIMS & The Sputnik
Date:08 Jun 2020

During this COVID-19 period all our Institutes were also closed right from Lockdown 1.0. The immediate challenge was to continue the academic activities alongwith the co-curricular activities and does not stop the wheel of time and no student to suffer an account of Lockdowns which are getting extended regularly. In all our JIMS campuses right from day one of the Lockdown we have started and are carrying on the following activities to maintain continuity and sustainability.
1. Classes : All our faculty members have taken online classes on ZOOM, Google Team and other platforms and attendance of students have been good. The syllabus of all subjects in the current semester was completed, doubts cleared and previous year question papers discussed, in time.
2. Subject Assignments:All the students were given Questions, Case Studies online and students have submitted their answers and responses through e-mail and the same have been evaluated by the faculties.
3.Exams & Examinations:The relevant exams are being conducted on google forms and other portals so that the evaluation process is carried on. The answers attempted by the students are submitted online and are being checked by the faculty members.
4. Guest Lectures:The guest lectures are being arranged through Industry experts in the areas of Management, Leadership, IT, Media, Entertainment, Finance and students are regularly attending all such lectures.
5. Mentoring sessions:As part of our Mentor-Mentee programme the faculty mentors are conducting online sessions with their allocated Mentees discussing their issues, giving guidance and interacting for their well-being.
6.Webinars:All the faculty members and students are attending various webinars on a variety of topics being arranged by various Organisations like ICT Academy, AICTE, JNU, UNGC and many more.
7.Meetings of faculty members: In order to discuss the progress of various academic and other development activities, online meetings on ZOOM and other platform are being held regularly among the Chairman, Directors and faculty members.
The show must go onNNNU.