Transformation in Education in Electronic Era

“Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” Albert Einstein We are the teachers of twenty first century teaching students who have a very different point of view towards life and its various aspects. In fact, we can keep ourselves young and energetic if we are able to pace up to teach this generation. The teaching pedagogy that a teacher follows in the classroom and beyond it, is very important to build a rapport with the students. The teaching methods are supposed to be student oriented rather a teacher sometimes is not able to realise that he/ she is supposed to teach the way students like and not the way a teacher likes it. That’s what has come out/ oozed out in this lockdown period that we are facing due to COVID 19 in the recent scenario, when we started teaching online through ZOOM App, Google Meet and other such platforms, we received an overwhelming response, students started studying and my inbox is full of queries and doubts which I only used to ask for in the previous scenario (classroom teaching) but students never had many questions to ask for. The five C’s- Choice, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity as stated by Joe Ruhl, must be followed by every teacher while teaching even in the e- classrooms. It totally depends on the teacher to create lively classrooms for students. Interactive sessions create a sense of involvement and belongingness. As an academician it is our duty to create a positive overview in the students’ dynamic brain towards education and the various which ultimately creates likes and dislikes among students towards various teaching subjects as well as their perception towards education, schooling, their teachers is also built with this. Critical Analysis of Indian Education System Heavy Bags are now getting converted into laptops, textbooks into kindles but the level of stress remains the same somewhere or other. In our olden times, there were no counselling sessions, no psychiatrists were appointed in the schools to take care of the mental health of students instead we were free birds, had time to fly out every evening to the open streets, green parks with our friends. Infact, these days, sports and other co- curricular activities have also become burdensome for the students- to be the best, to stand first… This has been brought to the notice by the academicians and the New Education Policy 2019 has addressed the concern in various ways. So, it is a suggestion and humble request to all teachers and parents who are the first teachers of their own kids to create a light atmosphere and let the little souls breathe and grow to take positive paths in life.

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